[studio audience erupts with laughter], My dear followers, I think it’s important to note...

My dear followers, I think it’s important to note this;

Sometimes, I’m not happy. That’s normal! Sometimes I might even blog about not being happy.

If something “seems wrong,” chances are you’re reading too far into things. This happens a lot of the time when I make posts that aren’t entirely cheery and chipper and in some cases when I forget to end every sentence with an exclamation mark

Now I really, really appreciate that you care about me enough to ask how I’m feeling! I’m so grateful for that. You mean well. And I really appreciate it if, you know, I’m actually sad. But a lot of the time I feel GREAT and if I don’t communicate that clearly, people think I’m depressed or sad or I’ve changed and become less happy. Which puts me in a situation where I can’t freely express myself due to a certain image you may have of me. That seems harsh but overall I think it’s a fair assessment!

So if I seem “down” or like something is bothering me, you’re likely imagining it. And if I am, I will either tell you as much or keep it to myself because it’s my personal business. I’m really very grateful that you care about me enough to ask me what’s wrong, but I need a little bit of room! Sometimes a sigh is just a sigh. Thank you.

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