WELCOME TO HUGTOWN, Well my cat threw up all over my desk and on my...

Well my cat threw up all over my desk and on my tablet pen and apparently my tablet pen no longer works

This sucks because now I can’t finish those commissions and therefore can’t spend the money I’ve been saving up for NYCC

My cat has single-handedly ruined my entire NYCC budget! Unbelievable. She’s an evil mastermind.

Worst Cat Award goes to Cupcake

  1. breakfastbooty said: uh i’d…not mind letting you
  2. td-dawn said: If it’s a bamboo fun i so would send you my pen. Heck, I’d send you the whole tablet, because you’d use it more than I do.
  3. tahonamaya said: Is it just the pen or the entire tablet?
  4. kecky said: your cat’s name is CUPCAKE??? congratulations!!! i’m sorry she ruined everything though :(
  5. twister468 said: awww no! I’m sorry to hear that. :c
  6. askteamfubar said: D: …….
  7. dopaminefevers said: oh my god im so sorry for you shit wow
  8. esabelleryngin said: D: oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that!!
  9. kitten-burrito said: THAT DARN CAT. >:3
  10. autisticequiuszahhak said: I’m sorry, Ched

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