WELCOME TO HUGTOWN, Can you tell me like, the most embarrassing thing...

Can you tell me like, the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you because I really love that sort of thing

Uh just no sexual things please. Those make me blush and barf

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  2. tochen said: my friends steal my shoes after school on fridays so i walk around school without shoes :c
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    one time in fourth grade i brought my bike to school a week before bike day it still makes me cringe
  4. telsin said: I once showed up at my neighbor’s doorstep without realizing I was in my underwear. Nobody noticed for five minutes.
  5. daddyqueer said: In like 3rd grade i really liked this boy, so on the next feild trip i was sure to snag a seat next to him and i was so glad, but like as soon as we hit the highway and couldn’t stop he threw up all over me. i died a little that day
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    A few weeks ago I was at school and I went into the bathroom. There were a lot of people in there and so I didn’t want...
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    Once when I was around 6 or 7 years old, I got separated from my mom at the supermarket. I walked around looking for...
  8. pleasantremembrances said: One time in high school I went to the wrong class. It took me 20 minutes to realize this and leave.
  9. abetterfatethanwisdom said: there’s a really old creepy lady that teaches math at my school and I have a theory she’s a serial killer because she has a bunch of cupboards in her room and I said this unknowingly in front of her grandson. booyah.
  10. cockatielmemelas said: In high school, while I was going to class, I fell going upstairs. Everyone around me just stared and walked around me. I was there for a good minute. No one bothered to help me.
  11. udnoestaaqui said: On a recess i took the ruler of a classmate i didn’t really talked to, that had a hinge or so, and started playing with it -open closed open closed- faster and faster and faster and it broke. There were witnesses. He just said ‘it’s ok’. I was 17.
  12. moshimoshijeffyboydesu said: I fell asleep in a math lecture and had to share an elevator ride with my math prof who saw me sleeping in class. (This is the most recent thing to happen to me actually :<)
  13. miss-ferrous said: once i was in a restaurant eating pancakes and i left a bite of pancake on my fork and the way it was resting on my plate was like a catapult so it kind of launched syrupy pancake into the curly haired guy behind me’s curly hair
  14. firenationtoph said: I once said in a speech that people were farting for their rights instead of fighting for their rights.
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    this looks like fun send me an ask and I’ll recall something embarrassing in return
  16. wizardofooo said: When I was waiting afterschool for my mom to pick me up I accidentally got into the wrong car
  17. how-sugoi said: when i was like 9 i asked for an eraser in math class and the teacher gave me a detention and made me stay in class throughout lunch and next class too and he wouldnt let me tell my other teacher where i was and i cried the entire time
  18. biddybatch said: I was on a delegation trip to Alaska and one day we ate breakfast together outside and I asked someone where the trash was, but I accidentally dumped my soggy cereal and milk in some kid’s bag full of Alaskan souvenirs cos he kept them in a trash bag
  19. breakfastbooty said: i was walking to the mall (which was an hr walk) to get a mothers day card and i peed my pants and it was winter and i peed. my pants. i was thirteen
  20. fitzinmypocket said: My airplane seat put me right in the middle of this German couple and the man just looked at me and said “We were hoping nobody would sit here.” And they were dead silent for the rest of the flight
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  22. gayngreen said: my bro couldnt break this crab leg so i tried to crack it and punched myself in the eye with it and was blinded for a full day
  23. thatqueenchaos said: I once had a nose bleed in a mall and didnt notice for like 5min (And the gut in front of me said nothing as blood poured from my nose ಠ_ಠ)
  24. baffledbits said: I threw up when I got my first tattoo. I broke it up into two sessions and threw up each time. It was because of my anxiety attacks, but my family won’t stop making fun of me for it :|
  25. mothwizard said: one time my brother walked in on me naked on my bed after a shower eating oranges (peels and all) and watching japanese youtube videos on my phone and he just walked out and apparently blocked it from his memory
  26. thephooka said: I tried to unlock my mom’s car and hit the panic button and couldn’t get the alarm to turn off and all these teenagers were LAUGHING AT ME :c
  27. ooh-mr-spock said: In second grade, we were in class reading from our textbook. I was queasy, and in the middle of our teacher talking I puked all over my desk. It sucked. D:
  28. kakyoin420old said: in elementary school i got up and went to another class on complete accident so i had to walk out to go to the correct class when i realized it was the wrong one and it was awkward all around

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