WELCOME TO HUGTOWN, I’m only four episodes from the end of Malcolm in...

I’m only four episodes from the end of Malcolm in the Middle now and I can honestly say it’s one of my all-time favorite shows. I’m going to miss it like wow

I really wish all of my favorite shows would pull an AD and have a new season ten years later

  1. grimebaby said: last year I re-watched malcolm and when it came to the end i felt like i was saying goodbye to my family forever. then I met frankie and it was weird cuz I had so many emotions attached to him..
  2. magicalschoolgirl said: It’s a while away for you, but Malcolm in the Middle has a neat ending and it very much does end, so you won’t mind! Though I miss the show too, boo.
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  6. j-walter-weatherman said: it was an awesome show
  7. jitmakesstuff said: are you just watching through it now, I’ve been re-watching it recently because it’s like one of the only things I watched growing up but it’s also pretty decent

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