WELCOME TO HUGTOWN, The concept that tumblr is overrun with irrational...

The concept that tumblr is overrun with irrational SJWs who overreact to everything and bully the innocent at every turn, to the point that the AVERAGE TUMBLR USER can be defined as such is absurd because a cursory glance at any anti-SJ post will show you the actual, solid numbers. Posts that criticize or completely dismiss the arguments of so-called SJWs, from what I’ve seen after three years on this site and having followed thousands of people, routinely have more notes than those made by SJ bloggers. Jokes about tumblr users identifying as Dittos and being offended by fresh air have far more notes than ones that take shots at white boys. And you don’t need to look far to find evidence of that. There are almost 200 million blogs on tumblr (if not more) and the simple fact is that, no, a majority of those are NOT SJ blogs at all. A vocal majority can still be a minority

The fact is that the average tumblr user, when you get down to it, can’t really be boiled down to a few broad political beliefs or their particular blogging style, because tumblr is made up of millions of people and any group of that size tends to be, by nature, quite diverse. But I’m confident that the actual MAJORITY, which would have to consist of millions of people, are not crude, cardboard caricatures of people who are open and honest about their views on social issues. But it’s easier to dismiss the arguments of those people when you pretend you’re the reasonable, unheard minority, isn’t it

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